My Favorite Shoot

My Favorite Shoot

I don’t even remember how we found the guy. I remember he was a lawyer… and that he didn’t behave at all how I would expected a Ferrari owning lawman to act. He was chill, laid back, and didn’t seem too busy with pre-occupation. He studied our cars as much as we studied his. And, for the most part, seemed like he would fit right into our group if and when our tastes ever aligned.

We had arranged to meet out at the old Mueller Airport. It’s now a sea of neighborhood rooftops, but back then it was just a vast open area of old concrete – something Steve and I were hell bent to take advantage of. Before the Ferrari owning lawyer arrived, we started drag racing up and down the concrete pad – he in his ’36 and me in my model-a.

At one point, we were tearing ass down our newly mated strip and making all kinds of vintage combustion noises. It must have sounded like we were going 100 mph… And then, in the blink of an eye, I heard what sounded like a strung out sewing machine followed by a flash of silver. It was the attorney in his 575 Maranello… making an entrance.

What followed is probably my favorite photo shoot of all my time. Granted, the photography was not all that great… I’ll give you that… but I just loved the juxtaposition of the cars together. And in my eye, it worked because the intent of each was so similar – they just reached a common goal in vastly different ways.

So I was really excited to get the feature written and the photos posted. I thought for sure everyone would see this how I saw it. I was wrong. The article was sort of politely accepted by some and brutally cast out by more. I remember getting an email from a person I sort of knew:

“Hey man, that didn’t work. Those cars look stupid together. It doesn’t make sense. Next time, maybe think about it a little more before you go through all that trouble.”

Keep in mind, this was well before it became in vogue to spew unprovoked horseshit out of your mouth on the internet. And it’s not like I asked this dude for his opinion either… It was just… I don’t know what it was. But, it made an impression on me.

Man… Fuck that guy.

I’ve always wanted to do another juxtaposition shoot. I think an ideal pairing would be a ’32 roadster and a Porsche 911 of a very distinct generation. I’ve already gotten a bulk of the feature written in my head and again, it’s all about intent. You guys are gonna hate it.

See the original Ferrari shoot here.

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