The Hassad Roadster

The Hassad Roadster

This morning I woke up to an unsolicited email from a man named Jim Hassad. I don’t know Jim and I’m not sure why he emailed me… But holy hell – am I glad he did. Here’s the content:

I am happy to share pictures and history of the car. We are both 70 years old and have had many adventures together. However, my health and lack of family interest started a search for a new caretaker. A wonderful family who had a devastating fire loss of their car collection now cares for the car.

My dad started the project on paper while a machinist for Navy sonar research during WW2. He started making parts for the car in 1947 and on the road in 1952. Engine plans changed from supercharged 4 cylinders to the very new “baby hemi” Dodge debuted in 1952. First engine cracked it’s block using nitro in 1955, so he upgraded to Super Red Ram block and crank (270”). The engine has never left the car since and no rebuilds! I semi restored it in 1993 and vintage raced it on tracks for 4 years. It has been semi retired since for short trips and car shows.

Thanks for your interest,


P.S. I have many more pics if interested


Yes Jim… I think we are all interested!!!


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