Chip Foose & The ’32 Ford

Chip Foose & The ’32 Ford

Years ago, at the GNRS, I got into an out-and-out war with a bottle of tequila. I knew going in that nothing good could come from partaking at the rate in which the spirits were going down, but I just couldn’t put the brakes on in time to save myself. And so, shit went dark pretty quickly.

It must have been late afternoon or early evening when I finally retired to my room – only to somehow end up in a public restroom at the Fairplex. While using the sink in an unconventional manner, I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey man, you need anything? Maybe some help?”

I looked up from the sink to see my own disgraceful reflection in the mirror and then quickly turned my eyes in horror. Behind me stood a man I had never met before – Chip fuckin’ Foose. Lookin’ all inquisitive and what not…

“No Chip,” I responded as though we were old pals. “I’m good.”


So that’s my Chip Foose story… In any case, a few months back he did a little feature on YouTube on the ’32 Ford for Hagerty. Like a lot of things Chip does, it came across as obviously commercial but still… somehow… very genuine.

I thought you guys might dig on this:

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