The Pacemakers’ S.CO.T Blower

The Pacemakers’ S.CO.T Blower

So I got an email last week from a reader that had recently bought a 1930 Ford roadster powered by a S.CO.T blown flathead. With it, came a back up blower with some identifying marks from the original owners. Check it out:

Pretty rad, right? I showed these images to Tardel and given the evidence, we made up our own story. The Pacemakers were obviously frugal. So frugal, in fact, that when the time came to come up with a name for their club, they chose one with an available club plaque from a generic casting company. Look at just about any plaque advertisement in a vintage Hot Rod book and you have two choices:

  1. No Club, Lone Wolf
  2. The Pacemakers

Name settled, they needed to start building their hot rod… and what hot rod is complete in 1958 without a blown flat motor? Of course, S.CO.T blowers come all the way from Italy… and that shit isn’t cheap. So Larry, Jerry, Ralph, Tom, and Less pooled their money and bought themselves a panty dropper the affordable way.

I wonder how that worked out for them?


But seriously, anybody know anything about the Pacemakers from Culver City? Anyone recognize these names?

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