So, Now What?

So, Now What?

Just a week ago I was encouraging people to get out in their cars and drive them. Pandemic inspired reliability runs seemed like a fantastic idea at the time. And now… well… a few million of you would be breaking the law if you followed my lead.

So, now what?

It seems to me, the smart move is to stay home and stay isolated. I’m particularly well practiced at this. In fact, before the national quarantine I don’t think I had left my own property for a solid week or so…All this to say, I’m an isolation expert and here’s what I do for sanity and escapism:

  1. Research. I like to learn. I like to find something I know nothing about and then just beat the shit out of it with my keyboard and google. A year or so ago, I did just this with woodworking. I knew nothing about it and spent hours learning all I could from both books and Youtube. Then, I…
  2. Get out in your shop. Nothing provides escapism like a problem looking for a solution. Build something from that research that you can hold, touch, and use… Solve a small problem.
  3. Take a small break, but stay in your shop. Sometimes, mindless work clears the mind. This week, for instance, I plan on changing the oil in all of my cars. I find that using my tools and working with my hands even in the most simplest of ways keeps me happy.

Fighting isolation is basically all about keeping your mind busy by trying new shit and taking timely breaks to avoid burnout. That’s what I do anyhow… And today won’t be much different than any other for me. In fact, Coonan and I are gonna record a practice podcast over the phone today. It’s something I’ve never done before and will probably follow that with some shop time with my kids.

What comes next is anyone’s guess… But take of care of yourself and take care of your friends and family. The Jalopy Journal and the H.A.M.B. will be here for ya when ya need a break.

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