Rolling Bones on Amelia Island

Rolling Bones on Amelia Island

I just got home from helping judge cars for another epic weekend at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. You might think Concours events are just stuffy shows with fancy cars and snooty people, but you would be wrong… Especially about Amelia. Bill Warner, the founder and Chairman, and his team have been organizing this amazing show for 25 years, and there are always a few classes of vehicles that are both unexpected and completely unpretentious. This year, Bill enlisted Ken Gross to help assemble the best of the Rolling Bones cars for their time to shine on the Concours lawn. Ken Schmidt and Keith Cornell started building their distinctive-looking traditional hot rods over 20 years in New York and have become icons in their own right.

Bill Warner’s quote about the class summed it all up: “Rolling Bones hot rods trace their origins to the dry lakes and the Bonneville Salt Flats. ‘They’re about speed and racing. Since many still prefer to call The Amelia ‘the racers’ concours’ these historically faithful rods are a perfect fit.”

Unfortunately I only have one picture to share that I quickly snapped in the early morning during set up. By the time I went off to judge my car class and came back the Rolling Bones, their cars were swamped with spectators. Now with updated photos, thanks to Nathan Deremer!

All Photos: Deremer Studios, LLC by Search for Details and Nathan Deremer

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