Featured Classifieds: ’29 Roadster

Featured Classifieds: ’29 Roadster

Model-A roadsters aren’t bringing the money they used to. A lot of that is because early Fords in general have been soft for the last year or so, but I think another reason is because the market has been sort of flooded with redone restorations as of late. Hell, I even featured one example not long ago.

To me, however, this car is different and will bring more than your typical offering. It’s still a project, but it features a fresh flathead and parts that speak more towards speed than restoration. The ’32 hardware up front, the proper rear crossmember for stance, and of course, the quick change rear are all value ads.

If the moons align, you play your cards right, and a little luck falls your way, you could easily have a bitchin’ roadster on the road for less than $20k. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this one is kind of a head start for the right guy. Check it out here.

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