Rods, Customs & Coneys: A Detroit Autorama Pictorial

Rods, Customs & Coneys: A Detroit Autorama Pictorial

Earlier this week, I sat at Lafayette Coney Island in downtown Detroit, watching the world around me. My two Coneys (with everything) were on their way. I leaned back in my chair, sipped my Vernors, and studied my surroundings. There was the laminated tabletop, worn down with age, and the plastic bottles of ketchup and mustard that rested atop it. A couple nearby spoke in hushed tones while sipping Cokes. I noted the tan tile walls and the framed photos of famous people that had eaten there before me. Some I recognized, some I didn’t.

Right in the middle of my observation, the heavens opened up and two chili-covered dogs with mustard and diced onions descended upon the table. I stared, mouth agape. I have arrived. I dug in. As I did, I thought about how much I love coming back to Detroit.

Yes, I love the food there. But I also love the Autorama which, as you very well may know, has already taken over Cobo Hall (or the TCF Center if you’d like to call it that) for an action-packed weekend of hot rods and custom cars. Conveniently enough, it’s a stone’s throw from Lafayette Coney. From what I’ve seen thus far, it’s going to be a big year at the Autorama. Well, who’s going to be there? Let’s see. “Kookie Kar,” “Beatnik Bandit,” Ivo T, two tributes to “The Uncertain-T,” new builds, old builds, cars that—much like the people in the photos on the wall at the restaurant—you may recognize or you may not.

Sometimes scheduling works in my favor and other times it doesn’t. This time around, I unfortunately had to leave right before setup day to get back to San Francisco. So, no Autorama for me this year. That being said, I have a good feeling that we’ll get to see some top-notch coverage here on the H.A.M.B. In the meantime, I’ve assembled a gallery of favorites from my Autorama trip a few years back. With any luck, I’ll see ya there in 2021!

Joey Ukrop

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