Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

OK. It’s not spring yet… But the big tech overhaul of a month ago lead to some electrical work here at Atomic HQ. That electrical work then lead to some minor remodeling and then, that minor remodeling lead to me rebuilding my main work station here in the studio. A large part of that work station was my historical literature library which I’ve decided to move to another area of the studio.

What I’m trying to say here is that what started as a tech problem has snowballed into the great studio clean up of 2020. I’ve spent my last few days emptying the hollows here on Signal Hill and doing my best to simply my life a little. In the process, I’ve stumbled upon a lot of forgotten (and not so forgotten) artifacts from my quarter century of doing all of this shit.

Given my schedule of attic sweeping and trash dumping today, I figured I’d use today’s feature to highlight some of my favorite things… Or, at the very least, some of my favorite things I could actually get to under the circumstance – that being a studio that is completely shredded at the moment. Excuse the terrible iPhone photography and enjoy:

There’s a metric shit ton more to sort though, arrange, and store… I started out this effort thinking it was time to get rid of most of it, but I just can’t bare it. Plus, a lot of this stuff was personally given to me… ¬†and who rids of gifts like that? Especially if you still really appreciate whatever it is?

So, I guess I’m not simplifying after all. I’m just organizing. Either way – Pitter, Patter.

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