Ford v. Ferrari… More Than a Movie.

Ford v. Ferrari… More Than a Movie.

My wife and I had a kid-free date night this weekend, and after a nice dinner, we strolled to the cinema up the street to catch the evening showing of the much-anticipated new ‘car guy’ movie ‘Ford v. Ferrari’. To our shock, there was a sizable crowd of people waiting in line out front to get their tickets. Once inside, the theater was packed with not only middle-aged men (which I expected), but with plenty of women and even, people under 30. Yes, I’m saying this movie is attracting a ‘general audience’, which is fantastic news. A very car-centric movie that has mass appeal, making it Number 1 at the box office, a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% Fresh among jaded film critics and an astounding 98% Fresh with audiences. Why am I blabbing about this LeMans racing story in a traditional hot rod forum? Because it means the door is a bit wider open to tell other compelling car stories to the larger world. Stories of the real hot rod legends that we love. If you tell a really great story with interesting characters, that is well-acted and well-shot, people of all walks of life will engage. Big screen hot rod-centric movies have historically fallen on their face with audiences over the years, and it’s usually because the stories and characters are often mediocre at best.

What would you like to see on the big screen? I’d love to see the story “Barris: King of Kustoms” at their height of excellence in the early to mid 50s. Kenneth Howard occasionally striping cars in the back, Junior Conway spraying in the booth, Sam slinging lead, and George making all the Hollywood connections and keeping the shop alive. Maybe it leads up to Sam leaving and then shop fire of 1957. How about a movie on the mad genius of Big Daddy Ed Roth, slinging fiberglass in the wee hours of the night? So many great hot rod and custom car stories worth telling. They just need to be told in an authentic, relatable way…


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