The Ray Vega 1938 Ford

The Ray Vega 1938 Ford

I was farting around in the archives this morning and came across these shots of Ray Vega’s 1938 Ford Convertible. I believe these are from an early (1953?) issue of Hop Up Magazine and although this car was featured a couple of different times in various custom books, I don’t think we’ve ever featured it here. Strange… given my love for the model year, you’d think I would have been all over it.

In any case, it’s time to right a wrong and give this old sedan convertible some love on The Jalopy Journal.

It’s obvious that Ray didn’t share my love for the ’38 model year and instead, preferred the 1940 styling cues. He had Neil and Clayton at Valley Custom throw on ’40 headlights, grille, and a sectioned hood. From there, they channeled the body, chopped the top, and added a Carson top.

To me though, the stance makes this car. I’ve never been a big fan of convertible sedans, but if you get the stance right and the lines simplified enough, these old tubs can look pretty slippery. No one did it better in the Valley… or elsewhere for that matter.

I seem to remember someone posting images of this car on the HAMB a few years back in an “as is” state? My searches proved futile… Anyone know?


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