The Gary Howard Paint Gun Auction

The Gary Howard Paint Gun Auction

This Sunday, the boys are hosting The Gary Howard Celebration Of Life just outside of Johnson City, TX. You can read more about the event here. I had planned on rolling out just as soon as we were done celebrating my daughter’s birthday, but we had a death in the family as well and now I’m headed to Dallas for the weekend. I’m bummed on a lot of levels, obviously, but really disappointed I’m not gonna get the opportunity to hang out with all the fellas and tell “Gary Stories.”

Steve, however, was nice enough to get me involved in a small way. ┬áHe sent Chris Casny a number of Gary’s old paint guns and had Chris mount them on a base and install a little plaque. They are all being sold at the show with the money going to Gary’s wife, but Steve saved one for us to auction off here on the HAMB for folks that can’t make the event.

Action ends one week from today. And I’ll start he bidding myself at $500. Outbid me and I’ll throw in an Alliance Membership or renewal, free admittance to any HAMB Drag Nationals, and a $100 gift certificate to The Jalopy Journal store.

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