Featured Classifieds: A Simple Hot Rod

Featured Classifieds: A Simple Hot Rod

So you’ve got $15k and a hankering for a hot rod? A traditional car could be done I suppose if you’re as handy with accounting as you are in the shop, but that’s a pretty tight budget to get anything of real substance done. Or is it?

Behold this T-roadster… Park it next to your rich buddy’s ’32 roadster and feel no shame. Park it next to a mini-van in an economy spot and fear nothing. More than anything, it’s just a simple hot rod with easy bones and a fantastic look. AND, the guy only wants $11,500.

Maybe you could get it for a clean $10k? Either way, you are left with a car you can show up anywhere with and close to $5k in your pocket for additions, subtractions, and maintenance.

The market is soft gentlemen. Take advantage of it.

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