TROG – 2019

TROG – 2019

We sent John Helmuth to The Race Of Gentlemen with a camera and no direction. He came back with a smile on his face and a shitload of images. Typically, in a situation like this, I sit down with those images, edit them, and post thirty or so as part of a feature. I approached this one no differently, but when I previewed the post with the edited down images, the same story wasn’t being told as when I initally flipped through John’s full portfolio from the event.

That’s the thing about TROG. It’s not an event so much as it is a stage and a performance… It’s like a story you can either watch or participate in. On paper, this sounds terrifyingly artificial – posers in traditional hot rods. In practice, however, it’s the most beautiful car event you could ever imagine. Seriously. It’s hard to put the environment of TROG into words.

Photography, however, can do a much better job of telling this story. And I think John might have written a “best seller.” Editing it down to my own liking would just be short changing you guys. Screw that. Enjoy em all:

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