Featured Classifieds: 1954 Ford F100

Featured Classifieds: 1954 Ford F100

I’ve got a lot of experience using an old car as something more than just a recreational vehicle. For over a decade, my newest daily driver was a ’65 Buick Riviera. During that time, I also drove a ’39 Sedan, a ’30 coupe, a ’60 Chevrolet wagon, and a ’64 Ford F100. All of them had their perks and as a whole it was a ten year span of joy and extreme financial responsibility. There is no cheaper option for daily transportation than an a reliable old car that appreciates in value… and, what could be more fun?

That said, the best old daily driver I’ve ever had was probably my ’64 F100. One of the main things I learned with my ten years of driving old cars every day is that nothing beats a pickup for practicality. Need to run to the lumber yard? The pickup has ya handled. Need to pick up a Christmas tree for the wife? You got that too… And if something breaks on your way, parts on an old American pickup are typically as cheap or cheaper than the parts needed to fix a Toyota. Slam em on and get back on the road.

That in mind, I decided to find my favorite old pickup in the classifieds this morning. Criteria was simple: cheap, cool, and reliable… and the search was short too… Right on the first page of the classifieds, I ran into this 1954 F100.

What makes this pickup great (other than the price) is that it’s pretty nice, but not real nice. And, it’s simple – It hasn’t been hot rodded or re-engineered in anyway, so maintenance and repairs are easily completed using the original service manual. The only real upgrade is both hidden and probably necessary for a daily driver – disc brakes. Past that, what you have here is a dead simple 1954 Ford F100 that is ready to drive everyday and cheap to fix when it does break.

Better yet, there is no car payment.

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Ohhh… and if you need a sales pitch:

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