The Curious Collection of James Petrozzini

The Curious Collection of James Petrozzini

Besides having a really cool last name and being a very successful Chicago real estate developer in the 60s, I don’t know too much about the late James Petrozzini. I do know he had very eclectic, wide-ranging taste in classic cars (mainly convertibles), and I really like that. It’s also understood that Petrozzini acquired his car collection over time and squirreled them all away in private storage locations, away from prying eyes. Mecum Auctions sold a few of the higher end cars from the estate at Monterey in August, including a 1947 Delahaye 135MSĀ  that sold for some serious coin. They’ll be selling the rest of them back home in Chicago at the end of October, and I’ve picked 5 favorites I wouldn’t mind squirreling away myself!

1938 OLDSMOBILE F38 CONVERTIBLE: 1 of 1,137 Model F38 Convertibles produced that year, and just tattered enough to make a Westergard style custom out of it! Here’s an ultra rare drop-top that needs a motor-swap and some mild customizing to be a real stand out lead sled that nobody else will have at the local show.

1955 CUSTOM ROADSTER: No idea what this fiberglass baby started life as, but the Y block motor and period-correct Kelsey Hayes wire wheels are enough for me. Dig that two-tone paint scheme and imagine how fast this thing would be with a tuned 292.

1963 CADILLAC DEVILLE WAGON: Really nicely-done station wagon conversion that needs little more than to be liberally lowered and a bit of tuck & roll inside. Family custom time!

1940 CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE: Check out the front end styling on this one. 1939 Ford headlamps, along with a custom grille, hood, and a chopped windshield. Just add Carson top and bring the back end way down.

1937 WESTERN CLIPPER MOTORHOME: I don’t know why I love this big egg so much, but once I saw the Corvette 327 lurking in the engine bay, it all works for me. The only thing I would redo is that back window!

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