Featured Classifieds: 1941 Ford Pickup

Featured Classifieds: 1941 Ford Pickup

I will someday own a ’41 Ford Pickup and if this truck was anywhere close to me, that day might have been today. But, as it stands, the thing is 1500 miles away and the questions are too many. So many, in fact, that this truck will probably be sold before I could even finish my list of unknowns.

Just read the ad. The seller is only the second owner. He bought it in the 50’s and has managed to fight off the urge to change much of anything. So it sits as it sat and still runs and probably drives. The description sort of paints a portrait of perfection.

This is how you like to find them, right?

But the images in the ad are obviously dated and the owner is a relative unknown around here. It could be too good to be true… and, as such, this is one of those I’d have to see before I even considered.

But… maybe one of you guys is in the market for a 40/41 truck and lives someplace close? If you are… You might wanna get ahold of this guys ASAP.

Check it out.

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