Part 4: Hot Rods In Hawaii

Part 4: Hot Rods In Hawaii

Ok, so I may have the bends. Long story, but I’ve never been the patient type… and I didn’t have my daughter with me to harden my surfacing schedule. Things got kind of screwed up. It’s cool though. My blood hasn’t boiled over yet.

In any case, while sitting here trying to think of a Hawaii themed feature I remembered something that Rod & Custom did on the 1957 Hawaii Motorama. It was held in an Armory in Honolulu. Sitting here, I can’t think of a cooler place to host a hot rod show. Here are some images I stole from Google:

Now, I distinctly remember there being some much better imagery from the show. Does anyone have those in their archive?

Special Note: Shout out to R&C for these photos.

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