Part 1: Hot Rods In Hawaii

Part 1: Hot Rods In Hawaii

So, I’m out! I’m headed to my favorite place on earth – Kauai, Hawaii. As such, I won’t be around the H.A.M.B. much for the next couple of weeks, but do still plan to contribute on The Jalopy Journal as much as I can. I thought a realistic intention might be to post short Hawaii inspired features from now until I get back. This, I guess, is part 1… Let’s see how this plays out.


I’m actually not in Hawaii yet. I’m on the plane over an ocean listening to podcasts and ignoring an argument currently in progress between my youngest and a steward. But, I hopped on this plane prepared with some images.

Below is a few shots I stole from the June, 1961 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. This is actually a display put together by the Renegades of Long Beach for the Winternationals in Pomona. The Hawaii/Tiki inspired space needs no explanation really… I love the roadster pick up. Choice.

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