A Bad Wrap: Mighty Mouse ‘Hot Rods’ Cartoon

A Bad Wrap: Mighty Mouse ‘Hot Rods’ Cartoon

Let’s get something out of the way, right off the bat- This cartoon is downright lousy. An over-simplistic plot, silly gags, cheap animation, and the hot rods aren’t even authentic. Made in 1953 when hot rods were growing in popularity with post war American youth, and growing in infamy with the local Police. This Mighty Mouse short stereotypes our hobby in all the worst ways, showing the drivers as reckless jerks who could car less about anything but speeding and breaking laws. You can see why the SCTA, Hot Rod magazine, and local clubs had to fight so hard to fix hot rodding’s perception in the public eye with ‘entertainment’ like this!

Turns out that VespaJay already wrote about this cartoon on the HAMB, but it was nearly a decade ago, and the clip link was dead…

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