Found: Master’s “Dragcoup”

Found: Master’s “Dragcoup”

You remember the Master’s “Dragcoup”? It was featured in the March, 1959 issue of Hot Rod Magazine and I did a little write up on it here as well. The car was originally owned by Oilers member Frank Moseley and it consistently crowded the C/A record… It might also be the baddest looking 33/34 drag coupe of all time.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I got an email out of the blue:

“I own the Master’s Dragcoup. Hot Rod Magazine – March of 1959.”

I replied back asking for more information and all I got back was these images:

The chop verifies it, right? I just wish I had more information… I sent further replies and haven’t heard anything back, but figured you guys would get a kick out of seeing a former race car in its present state.

Obviously, I would love to see the car turned back to its former glory, raced, and thrashed… But as far as race car survivors go, this one isn’t half bad at all. Makes me happy.

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