The Sestito Cadillac

The Sestito Cadillac

From the May, 1954 issue of Rod & Custom Magazine comes my favorite early Cadillac of all time. Bertolucci created the airstreamed profile by making some changes that seem simple, but ya gotta think took a shilo of work. The front fenders have been pontooned towards the rear quarters while the front has been reshaped in conjunction with the hood to accept a 1953 Olds upper grille bar and a floating center. This combined with the frenched and tunneled headlights and 1942 Olds bumper creates a really slippery shape.

The top doesn’t hurt either. After chopping it, Bertolucci added a warp around rear windshield and then had Hall do a soft-top. The ass end is finished off with simple shoebox Ford taillights and a killer bumper.

It’s the stance though, right? That and those killer Sombrero caps…

I think this car was actually built in the summer of 1953. The owner, Tony Sestito, must have been doing alright for himself. $$$$

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