My Favorite Kustom at Santa Maria

My Favorite Kustom at Santa Maria

Let me caveat this post by saying that I missed the Grand National Roadster Show back in January, and it tends to be the event that many of the very best West Coast custom car and hot rod builds of the entire year are first revealed. This also means I’m a bit behind on the buzz for 2019, so being at the WCK Crusin’ Nationals in Santa Maria was a chance to catch up on a few newer lead sleds I hadn’t seen yet. And my favorite traditional custom car of the entire show? Steve Pierce’s 1940 Buick Coupe. Since I missed seeing his car at the GNRS, last weekend was like Christmas Morning for me! Why do I like this thing so much? First, I’m a sucker for pre-war customs, I love this elegant shade of Washington Blue paint, it’s tastefully done, and it’s pretty much 100% home garage built! The hardtop treatment with curved stainless is really well done, and who knew that ’39 Ford headlights would look so at home on a ’40 Buick nose? Well done, Steve…

More about the car’s build here.

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