’40 Merc For Sale

’40 Merc For Sale

I’ve got a stack of 6 features to write… and today is the day that I start. So, rather than bore you with some last minute content I’ve dreamed up, I thought I would feature a classified ad that caught my attention.

This ’40 coupe has been around a while. It seems to be chopped right, the rest of the mods are tasteful, and I love the color. There are certainly some changes that I would make if it were mine, but that goes for just about any car on the market.

The stickler, of course, is the price – $64k. I can’t ever imagine spending that much dough on a car, but I can imagine the reasoning… and I can imagine the dude that could make sense of it. I mean, you couldn’t pay someone to build it for that – right? I honestly don’t think the price is out of line. It just comes down to time really.

Anyway, even if you aren’t in the market this is fun ad to look at and dream.

Check it out.

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