Going Back to the last Paso Robles – 2007

Going Back to the last Paso Robles – 2007

Why am I bringing up Paso again? Well, I’m actually heading to Santa Maria this year for the West Coast Kustoms Crusin’ Nationals for the first time in 11 years, and I’m excited to be heading back. Yup, after going to Paso every year between ’95 and ’07, we only attended the first Santa Maria and haven’t been back since. Between a new baby and growing job responsibilities, I left my yearly Memorial Day ritual behind! I just found some great ‘bite-size’ clips of the last Paso Robles show from 2007, shot by Kustom Kulture Japan. What I really like about these particular films are the “Say Paso” intros from many familiar faces at the show, including James Hetfield of Metallica, Von Franco, Steve Caballero with Bill Gonzales from the Road Zombies (RIP), Keith Weesner and more!

Hope to see some of you at Santa Maria in May…

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