1954 Mercury Monterey: Featured Classified

1954 Mercury Monterey: Featured Classified

The 1954 Mercury is one of those cars that doesn’t need much. A nip here. A tuck there. Done… You have yourself an honest to goodness mild custom with both style and grace. I think the best historical example of this is Mark Morton’s old hardtop:

Aside from the mild chop, Mark didn’t do anything too obvious to his car. He just let the Detroit design be what it was and the car was better for it.

Another great example of this is Junior Conway’s ’54:

Hard to beat, right? And when you get right down to it, the 1954 Mercury is one of the very few examples of Detroit born cars where so little can produce so much. And yet, you don’t see too many of them.


I started thinking about this last night and quickly hit the HAMB classifieds out of curiosity. My first find was a listing that has been active for almost a year now. It’s just a clean and simple example that appears straight, reasonably sorted mechanically, and it’s affordable to boot!

Check it out.

Now obviously, I’ve never seen this car in person and I don’t know the owner. But damn man, this thing is cheap and if the pictures are accurate – it’s not far from being capable of parking next to Junior’s ride without blushing.

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