LIFE Images of Bonneville 1954 (PART II)

LIFE Images of Bonneville 1954 (PART II)

For those old timers at the Jalopy Journal, you might remember the 1954 LIFE magazine photos of Bonneville by┬áJ.R. Eyerman I shared back in December of 2010. Focused, vivid, and well-composed shots on the salt from this time period are quite rare, especially in color. I went back to the Life archives and realized there were many more stunning photos from those ‘National Speed Trials’ of 65 years ago. I can’t imagine a better time than the mid 50s to have experienced the very best and purest era of land speed racing. Less than 10 years after the War, rapid technological gains in automotive performance (Fuel Injection, Hemi engines, aerodynamics) allowed so much innovation and aesthetically pleasing designs, captured forever in these fantastic images.

So without further ado, here is part two…

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