Grand National B-Sides

Grand National B-Sides

Attending a car show in the digital age can be a strange experience. Everywhere you look, people are taking pictures and videos of old cars with new technology. For the most part, that’s a good thing—because it allows folks all around the globe to tune in and see what you see and hear what you hear out on the show floor. “But what about the smell?” some skeptics still ask. My Silicon Valley insider says that software’s currently in beta. Who’s to say?

We all know it’s impossible to be in two places at once, but things like the H.A.M.B. and other social media help blur that line. Sharing photos from car shows is as traditional as it gets and, although the medium has changed, the message remains the same. You wonder: what’s the message? It sounds something like “Hey, check this out. Isn’t it _______!” (insert adjective of choice).

It’s hard to beat walking around a car show with your buddies. Maybe you saw them last week, or maybe you only see them once a year. You wander the aisles, point things out, compare, contrast, lie, argue, dream, scheme and repeat. Nowadays, you’re able to share certain aspects of the show with the friends who couldn’t make the trip. For someone like me, that’s a good deal.

More often than not, I shoot way too many car show photos. Some are for publication, some are for notetaking, and many of them are for friends who I know would appreciate them. Most of the time, they do. But when the show winds down and the rods and customs roll out, the snapshots are sent to my computer to collect digital dust.

Back in October, I gave you guys a glimpse into my B-Sides from the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield. Since I’ll be at the Grand National Roadster Show this weekend, I thought there’s no better time to share some outtakes from last year’s show in Pomona. This is a far cry from comprehensive coverage. Instead, it’s a pile of pictures of things that caught my eye—and I hope you enjoy them too.

Joey Ukrop

P.S. For those of you heading to the Grand National Roadster Show, swing by The Rodder’s Journal booth in Building Four and say hey!

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