Hot Rod Sketches on an iPad…

Hot Rod Sketches on an iPad…

The digital age has brought us many great tools, from the laptop I’m typing this post on, to the powerful computer we keep in our pocket and call ‘a phone’. One tool that has made artists lives easier and more mobile is the digital tablet (iPad) and stylus (Apple Pencil), coupled with new drawing apps, like Procreate. There is a UK-based artist that Ryan has professed his, uh, “full-on man crush” on, named Stefan Marjoram. Stefan loves to draw cars, including lots of hot rods and old racers, and he does so quite well, capturing the emotion and personality of the vehicles he draws in his own unique way. A few years ago he transitioned over to sketching┬ádigitally, and began to make videos of the process from first line to the finished sketch, which I find fascinating. Hope you find them inspiring too!

And you’ll find many more of his great sketches here.

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