Book Report: Legacy of JUSTICE (an American Family Story)

Book Report: Legacy of JUSTICE (an American Family Story)

If you don’t know who the Justice Brothers were,  Ed, Zeke and Gus are woven into the history of Hot Rodding and American racing going back to the late 1930s, first working with Frank Kurtis, and then building the Wynn Oil and JB Quality Auto Products empires along the way. The Justice Brothers were huge part of motorsports in the early post-War years, deeply involved with Indy, NASCAR, Sprint Car, Midget, boat, and Drag racing. Ed Justice Jr. now runs the JB business and has just published a massive, 496 page book called ‘Legacy of JUSTICE’ with a forward by Dan Gurney and Parnelli Jones. Chock-full with hundreds of historic photos and archives about the Justice Brothers, this one is a must have for the racing fan.

Editor’s Note: This book is kind of hard to find, but it looks like there is one available on Amazon as this post goes live. Details here.


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