1949 Ford Ranchero

1949 Ford Ranchero

People have been trying to make a “ranchero” out of Shoebox Fords since probably around 1949. The two most notable and maybe successful attempts of this endeavor would probably be Joe Bailon’s lift off top version:

And the Rick’s Body Shop (built by Richard Gregg) capri:

Out of those two examples, I prefer Bailon’s as I feel like the top flows a bit better. Richard’s attempt is honest and the paint is perfectly executed, but the b-pillar has always left me a little cold.

In any case, we have a member on the H.A.M.B. that is attempting to follow suit, only he’s using an F1 top for the transition from greenhouse to bed. And thus far, I really like where he’s headed with this. I think it’s gonna be a thread to follow.

Take a few minutes from your Monday and go check this out.

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