Bill Vogt’s ’29 Ford

Bill Vogt’s ’29 Ford

This little fart was featured in the March, 1954 issue of Rod & Custom Magazine. It was owned by a guy named Bill Vogt. Bill was a pre-war car guy that gave up the hobby to fight overseas and then picked it back up just as soon as he got home by buying this stubby little RPU. When he bought the thing, it had banger installed… But Bill was having none of that and quickly installed the V8.

The rest is pretty standard – a top loader tranny with zephyr gears, banjo rear, ’40 Ford wheels, Edelbrock heads, Stromberg carbs, etc… And then you get to the brakes. Bill found the budget for some Kinmonts. They kind of set the tone for the whole car.

Is this the only “shorty” in history that actually works? I think it may be…

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