The Beautiful and Damned

The Beautiful and Damned

The war was over and the ship dropped him off in the big city. Being a country boy, he had never seen such a thing. It was one of those downtowns where every building housed a store of some kind. Glitz and glamour and all that.

The boy felt crowded and not at all at ease. The last town he was in was blasted all to hell and looked more like a pile of bricks than a place of commerce. So, he just kept right on walking… and walking.

Before too long, he ran across a shiny new building made of metal and glass that must have been 50-foot tall. A line stretched from the door clear down to the next block. Folks just standing there… waiting… and looking high on anxiety of some sort.

One man that was queued up had the forethought to bring his own chair for relaxation and comfort. Another still, had a tent and a transistor radio. It was a scene that the boy couldn’t comprehend, so he just walked some more.

A lot of steps later, the boy found himself on the outskirts of the metro and on the front steps of a shitty old garage. The siding was weathered and coats of paint showed age like the rings on a tree. The roof was patch work. The door hung uneven on tired hinges. They wined like hell as he swung it open.

The man behind the counter had his boots up and a copy of “The Beautiful and Damned” pitched on his lap. The boy was no bother. And the man showed as much by not botherin’ to look up from his reading material. “Sir,” the boy squeaked. “I’m just off the boat and be needing some dry goods of all sorts.”

The man finally looked up with his eyes only.

“You happen to know where I could find some things?”

“All I got,” the man dryly responded, “is some old drinkin’ mugs from Poland that, by the looks of things, you might be familiar with… along with some t-shirts, a sweater, and a hat or two. Blow the dust off that case over there in the corner and have a look see.”


In a weird twist, I’m the one bothering y’all. Hat in hand. Cyber Monday or no… Our latest merch has now officially dropped. You can see and buy it all here. Hell, I even did a little dustin’ so you wouldn’t have to.

In any case, ‘preciate y’all.

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