Strange Things Afoot In Mexico

Strange Things Afoot In Mexico

I love Mexican people and I love Mexico. In fact, at one point in my life I was strongly considering the move down south. Once immersed, there’s just something about the culture that calls to me. A street taco, a cheap beer, maybe a beach… and yeah, that’s where I like to be.

In all my time in Mexico, however, I’ve never really stumbled upon any kind of a traditional hot rod scene. I’ve seen old cars, of course, but they’ve always seemed to be a means rather than a joy.

A few years back though, I did run into a guy that had an interest. That interest has since blossomed and now he has a youtube channel that covers old cars in general… and, every once in a while, he features an honest to goodness traditional hot rod.

Check this out:

Great, right? My Spanish is shit, so I have no idea what’s being discussed in the feature. But the thing is, you don’t have to – do ya?

That’s what they call an “international language” ladies and gentlemen…

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