Save it, Flip it, or Customize it?

Save it, Flip it, or Customize it?

If your on the HAMB, its very likely your always on the hunt for old car treasure or at least keeping your eye out. We all come across different ‘barn find’ classic cars in our lives, and usually the particular model and condition of the car tells us right away what we’ll do with it. If the find is an extra nice, stock model that I’m not particularly interested in, I’ll tend to flip it and use the profits to fix up another car project I’m already deep into. If it’s an extremely-thrashed roller but has some good parts, I might pick off what I need and let it go to someone else who needs the rest of the car. Then there are those times when something old and rare enough pops up that you have to really think about your next move: If the price is right, your probably gonna grab it regardless, but then what? If the particular body style excites you and there is a lead sled vision, maybe you’ll want to customize it. But what if they made less than 300 of this model, and a collector would appreciate it far more than you, what do you do then? HAMB regular IronTrap found a fairly complete, solid 1936 Chrysler Airstream 8 (sister model to the Airflow) Convertible Sedan that had been hibernating in a garage since the early 50s. On the one hand, I think maybe just flip it to a restorer and move on, but on the other hand I see a really rare custom that would blow people away when it’s finished… Keep it? Sock it away for a rainy day? What would you do?

He got more info on the car via the AACA forum here.


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