“The Man’s” ’36 Roadster Project…

“The Man’s” ’36 Roadster Project…

My favorite cars on this planet are not cars built by some shop packed with super talented fabricators armed with the tools that make them efficient enough to be profitable. Instead, my favorite cars are typically built by some low life in his garage with whatever tools and materials he has available.

Reread that first paragraph. It sounds like an intro for a feature in Rat Rod Magazine or something, no? But I’m not going there with this. That’s not what I’m getting at.

A great example is this build.

Homeboy had himself a pretty decent ’36 sedan, but his daughter reminded him that hot rod with roofs are lame and that what he really needed was a ’36 roadster. So what’s a fella to do? Get ta cutting, that’s what…

For over two years, “The Man” posted his progress on the HAMB and recorded himself in real time as he hot rodded – using ingenuity and determination to build the car in his head. The end result has something that a shop can’t reproduce. Grit.

But don’t take my word for it. Instead, cut out a few minutes of your day and give this thread a once over. You will be glad ya did.


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