Antiquated Tether Cars

Antiquated Tether Cars

A few months back, we tested a new forum for old shit. We call it “The Antiquated” and essentially, it’s just a dumping ground for all the old things we love that aren’t traditional hot rod or custom related. People have really seemed to take to it and some of the content created has been out of this world good. Given that, the testing period is over… and the forum is here to stay.

Anyway, in 2008 I featured a bunch of tether cars as a sidebar of sorts on the main forum. The thread that resulted was incredible… and those little tether cars gave us a lot of inspiration for their bigger brothers. But the thread has since died down a bit and I thought “The Antiquated” forum might be an opportunity to bring it back from the dead.

So this morning I moved that old thread to the new forum and have decided to feature some of my favorite photos from it here. Enjoy em:

Pretty rad, right? You can see a shilo more here. And if you have any photos you can add, by all means – do so!

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