Shooting Rex Rods

Shooting Rex Rods

I’ve been super frustrated lately. I tend to get that way when I’m not creating and I haven’t really made any meaningful content for a few months now. There’s a myriad of excuses I could fire your way, but my latest has been weather. In fact, I’ve lined up a couple of photoshoots in the last few weeks only to get blackballed by rain.

A few days ago, I got fed up with it all and decided I was gonna make something come hell or high water. So, I grabbed my camera and a roll of random Japanese film, and headed to Rex Rods with the sky falling and my wipers on full tilt. I had no idea what I was gonna shoot when I got there, but Keith’s joint never fails.

It didn’t this time either… The place was jam packed full of projects with exciting little signs of progress just about everywhere I looked. Out of everything though, I think my favorite piece is a little Federal Mogul capped flathead sitting under a blanket. Expect a full photo shoot on that thing once it’s on a stand and buttoned up.

Until then, enjoy what was usable from my roll:


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