The 2009 GNRS Jalopy Journal: Roadster Pick… VOTE NOW!

The 2009 GNRS Jalopy Journal: Roadster Pick… VOTE NOW!

Remember this post last year? Well, we aren’t quite the mavericks that we thought we would be, but we are in Pomona and we are giving ’em hell. We showed up at gate 9 with confidence on our faces as we asked for our media passes. Those faces retreated when we were told that we weren’t on the list… We paid up like regular Joes. Once in, we hustled around and grabbed the photos we needed too.

Of course, shooting the cars without media passes (during regular show hours) wasn’t an easy thing to do but we made lemonade and had fun anyway. The pics were gathered from ten prominent hot rod builders (2 picked the same car, so we have 9 finalists) and now you guys get to vote for the winner.

You can do so here.

The car with the most votes on Sunday afternoon (cut-off time undecided at this point) will be given a kick ass trophy put together by Acme Speed Shop. Think hard and chose wisely fellas… We like to think that this one has some meaning.



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