Proper Scallops

Proper Scallops

I’m like a 12 year old kid… I love scallops and I love flames. In fact, on my hard drive, I have folders full of images of inspired examples of each. I’ve been keeping up with them for over 20 years now and it’s actually quite fun to browse through them ever so often to see what I can find.

This morning I decided to stroll through the “Scalloped Inspiration” folder and stumbled upon a series of images full of intrigue. I have no idea where these photographs came from, but one of them had a file name of “JerryWalters1955.jpg” so I have to assume this 1940 coupe was owned by a man name Jerry Walters. And given the style of the channel, I’d guess he was from the east coast somewhere.

In any case, the “after” pictures don’t interest me much past the visual intrigue of gore. What does interest me is the “before” picture and the featured scallops. Or should I say, “scallop?”

The best scallop jobs of all time (and this isn’t arguable, so don’t try) were featured on early Gee Bee airplanes. These paint jobs were simple, fast, and to the point. And in my opinion, this is how a scallop job should be done. Jerry must have agreed with me, because his ’40 coupe certainly fits with the idea.

It makes me ponder scallops on my own ’38 coupe.

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