Your Favorite Pair

Your Favorite Pair

I had lunch with a buddy of mine last week that is fortunate enough to own a very large and very complete collection of early hot rods and customs. I’ve looked up to this buddy since I’ve known him for a number of different reasons… First and foremost, he figured out how to take intelligence and turn it into success on a level that most only dream of. And secondly, he has the kind of taste that rarely follows his level of success. Meaning, he has restraint.

As we were chowing down on some BBQ, I let my curiosity get the best of me and asked him something I’ve always wondered – “What is it like to have all of those cars in your garage? I mean, what’s it really like on a day to day basis?”

“Honestly,” he replied. “It’s amazing. But like everything else, I’ve found it’s best in moderation. I think I own 12 or 13 cars right now and it can get really complicated keeping them all where they need to be. Sometimes, I long to have just two cars – a hot rod and a custom and that’s it.”

He was choosing his words carefully. I could tell he was worried I’d see his thoughts as a complaint, but I knew better. I knew exactly what he meant. See, I’m a minimalist by heart that just has a disease for collecting shit. It’s a struggle I often think about and hearing that my buddy has the same conflict within (on a much larger scale) was actually sort of comforting.

That’s neither here nor there though… because this thought lead from one road to another and like all car guys would do, we immediately began to think about what two it would be. And then that road lead to the conversation of the same question in the perspective of history – who had the best pair?

My buddy went with Lee Pratt’s ’40 Coupe paired with the shoebox that I now own. (Nice move…Almost political in thought! Damnit that guy is smart…) I, on the other hand, went with Andy Southard’s 1956 Ford Fairlane paired with his ’27 roadster pickup. There’s just something about those two cars that I’ve always loved. Where as all of Lee’s cars are great and stand well on their own, I’ve always felt these two from Andy were better together than they could ever be singularly. They are truly a pair.

In any case, it’s your turn to join the conversation. Pick two cars owned by the same guy at the same time, post a pic, and tell us your thoughts.


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