The Breedlove Video

The Breedlove Video

A few months back, I posted an article that loosely covered the early jet car wars between Craig Breedlove and the Arfon Brothers. I was actually pretty surprised at the reaction the article got. While jet cars have a tremendous history at Bonneville, they’ve always been tough to classify. Do we cover them as hot rods or not? Are they relevant to us simple garage folk or merely entertainment for speed freaks with fat wallets?

In the end, who the hell cares? They are gorgeous and a significant part of our history. And I guess that’s why I’ve wanted to post this video for a while now. It’s short and simple coverage of Breedlove’s 1963 world land speed record attempt in the first “Spirit of America”… Narrated by the man himself – Craig Breedlove.


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