Hot Rodding On Dirt & Sand

Hot Rodding On Dirt & Sand

The last two weeks probably represent the best consecutive weeks in traditional hot rodding that we have today. In Colorado, you have the Dirt Drags… and in Jersey, you have The Race Of Gentlemen. Both events are kind of based around the idea that hot rods should be driven without thoughts of consequence – bring them to life with hard work and companionship and then murder them mercilessly.

This does two things:

  1. It creates an event where the event itself is just as fun as getting to it… and in an old car, that’s rare as shit.
  2. It creates an event that is almost as fun to spectate as it is to participate in.

I’ve never been to the Dirt Drags. It’s one of those events that I plan all year around and then something unsurmountable happens and I end up at home avoiding all means that remind me of what I’m missing. I have, however, done TROG a couple of times. It’s the most beautiful hot rod event… in history. No shit.

In any case, there’s a couple of threads on the H.A.M.B. that go along way to illustrating the importance of these events and I thought today was a good day to feature them. So, enjoy:

More Fun the Ever – Hot Rod Dirt Drags 2018

Hot Rod Dirt Drags 2018

The Race Of Gentlemen 2018

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