The Dingman Auction’s ‘Blue Boy’

The Dingman Auction’s ‘Blue Boy’

Mike Dingman was a Ford man to the core, once part of Ford Motor Company’s Board of Directors, as well as collector and historian of the brand. RM Auctions offered up a portion of his collection in 2006 and 2012, but this third and last auction is different, as Michael passed away last year… Everything must go, as they say.

The 2018 collection has some notable highlights, besides tons of super-rare, original neon signs from the 40s and 50s, there are interesting rarities like a Roush-Built 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr V-12 Engine! Out of all the amazing gems in this Blue Oval man’s collection, there is one item that really caught my eye: Lot number 937, a very clean 1929 Ford A Roadster called “Blue Boy”, sporting an Ardun Flathead and a DuVall windshield. It was built by Longley Restorations, the same restoration shop that did the famous Pete Henderson (Deuce vs Horse) Roadster, among other historic hot rods, and all the A-V8 classic elements are there: ’39 banjo steering wheel, original ’32 Frame, Mor-Drop axle, Guide 682 headlamps, and genuine B-17 Bomber seats. What would I do if it was mine? Ditch some of the modern hardware and drive the wheels off her!

Other cars in the collection for sale include: 1932 Ford Model B Woody station wagon, 1936 Ford V-8 DeLuxe Roadster, 1937 Lincoln Model K Convertible Victoria by Brunn, 1939 Ford V-8 DeLuxe Convertible Coupe, 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Sedan, 1940 Ford DeLuxe Station Wagon, 1951 Ford Custom Country Squire… All in 100% perfect condition!


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