The problem with knowing as much as we do about traditional hot rods and old cars in general, is that it becomes impossible to not spot something wrong when watching a movie supposedly set in the 1950s. A VW Super Beetle pulls up at the Drive-In? Come on! A ’59 Cadillac at the junkyard and the film is set two years earlier? Please! I just came across this short film called, ‘Life in Koadchrome’ also set in 1957, telling the story of a young man building his first hot rod and revealing a bit of the backstory about each of his family members at the same time. The film is fairly well-shot, well-edited, and looks to be pretty good production quality over all… Its just the incorrect car details that drive me crazy:

  1. Modern Craftsman wrench
  2. Modern intake and carb on the Model A motor
  3. What is a ‘Model A Leslie’ anyway?
  4. Bull’s ’32 “Convertible” with those 60s mags on modern tires.
  5. Modern wiring and plug wires on the Model A
  6. We hear the Model A motor running but the steering wheel and column are perfectly still in the next shot.

And the worst crime of them all: Pinned to the garage wall is a bad 1980s-era Street Rod rendering for his dream car!

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