So-Cal Speed Shop Push Truck & Trailer

So-Cal Speed Shop Push Truck & Trailer

I couldn’t resist sharing this item today, as it’s a combo of two big loves for me: Die-cast and 50s shop push trucks. I’ve shared a few neat creations from Acme on here before, and have always appreciated their love for traditional and historic hot rods. They recently announced a 1:18 scale replica of So-Cal Speed Shop’s 1953 Ford F-100 bast known as their Bonneville pusher for the Belly Tank and ’34 Ford coupe. If that wasn’t cool enough, they’re also offering a replica of the original So-Cal race trailer so you can pull your die-cast to the Flats. The truck features a simulated wood bed, opening doors, hood & tailgate, and steerable front wheels. It’s not as meticulously detailed as some of their other offerings, but a lower price will reflect that.

Also of  note: The photos I took below are a pre-production sample that I cajoled Acme to send, but the final version of the truck will have the front bumper plank and a rear hitch for the trailer.

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