The Daily Driver Journal

The Daily Driver Journal

For the better part of a decade, I’ve driven old cars daily. It started with a ’59 Chevrolet wagon, and then a ’39 Ford Sedan, and then my model-a coupe for a summer, and than a ’65 Riviera for a year, and then finally I’ve used my ’64 F100 everyday for four years now. And, I think I’m ready for a break.

To help with what is really a pretty big decision for me, I’ve decided to make my typical pro/con list. Only rather than hiding it in a Moleskine deep within my desk drawer, I’ve decided to make the list public. So, here we go.

Cons first because that’s the kind of guy I am:

  • This winter was cold… So cold, that I looked for excuses not to go anywhere in my old truck. I’m a hermit by nature to begin with and having something that amplifies that nature is not healthy.
  • When you have an old car daily driver, you tend not to drive your other old cars as much. I drove my model-a coupe for the first time in three weeks this weekend. That’s not cool at all and I can’t think of any good excuses for it.
  • Along those same lines, having more than two old cars has never been something I’ve enjoyed. I’m a worrier… And as such, to keep those worries at bay I tend to over-maintenance. When you have three old cars it’s difficult to keep them all running where you like them to be running and when one goes down, you tend to really freak out. Panic.
  • Having no a/c and no heat is charming a couple of months a year here in Austin. The rest of the time, it can be kind of miserable.
  • My wife is going back to school in a couple of months and I’m going to be doing a lot more kid transport for a while. I have three little farts and I’m not sure how I feel about blasting down the road with a bed full of baseball and softball gear while my kids are strapped behind a giant steel dash. I’m not really a safety guy… but I have my limits.
  • I don’t have any other way to explain it, but to say I’m sort of fatigued. Tired. Worn out.

And now the Pros:

  • Every insurance salesmen and land man in my town drives a white late model truck whether he needs it or not. I’ve always enjoyed being that scumbag in the old truck. Narcissistic? Yes. But that’s just an honest assessment. I cherish being the guy in the community most don’t understand or relate to.
  • I really have bonded with my F100. It’s a part of me… and to be able to afford a late model truck, I’d definitely have to sell it.
  • A late model truck depreciates every single damn day. My F100 appreciates every single damn day.
  • I have my truck registered as a regular vehicle and not a historical car. Insurance is STUPID cheap. I think I pay $17 a month or something like that?
  • The F100 has NEVER let me down.

Intrinsically, I want to keep on keeping on. I want to just keep driving my old truck and adapting to it rather than adapting my vehicle to my life. But rationally… especially after making this list… I know it’s time for a break. It’s time for me to drive a late model for a little while. Even so, it’s sort of depressing to think about.

I am not going to go down quietly fellas… I refuse to. I won’t become a poser without a fight.

But ultimately, I fold. I’m gonna get a used late model pickup – at least for a little while.

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