Rod & Kulture Magazine

Rod & Kulture Magazine

Rod and Kulture Magazine

There are a ton of small hot rod/custom/culture magazines out there. Some of them are small and really well done (think Magneto) while others are more widely distributed and less viable as a source of quality reading. The standard that they all pretty much have to live up to is set by the legacy setting publications of The Rodder’s Journal and Hop Up Magazine. Those are my bibles and represent the only pages that I consistently flip.

That said, Rod & Kulture Magazine is quickly making my list. I believe the latest issue is their seventh and, in my estimation, marks a real turning point for the outfit. The first couple of issues the group put out showed potential, but were marred by some of the same problems that seem to haunt much of their competition – lazy editing, lack luster layouts, and questionable features. What has impressed me about R&K though is that they have continuously improved from issue to issue.

I love their latest effort. The layouts have gotten much better and can almost be described as artsy. The writing has been improved ten fold and the editors seem to have their spell checker turned on. They are choosing the right features and the photography is down right excellent. I’m excited for these guys…

Props fellas.

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