Ernie Adams and his Dwarf Customs

Ernie Adams and his Dwarf Customs

Ernie Adams of Maricopa, AZ is a craftsman– No two ways about it. He’s hand-built an entire fleet of 5/8th scale, medal-bodied, running cars. After watching a sidecar motorcycle race in the late 70s, Ernie and a buddy figured it would be more entertaining to watch small 4 wheeled cars doing the same thing, and they went about building their own shrunk-down racers; Ernie built an all-steel 1934 Ford-style car powered by a Honda 350cc twin motor, and his pal┬áDaren built a 1933 Dodge coupe with a 2 stroke Kawasaki triple motor! This would go to become the birth of the ‘Legends’ series in dirt track racing…

Ernie didn’t stop there, as he then proceeded to fabricate ‘dwarf’ custom cruisers, just for fun: A 1939 Chevy sedan, a 1942 Ford DeLuxe Convertible, chopped ’49 Mercury coupe, ’34 Ford Tudor, and many more… Mainly inspirations from movie cars, and all of them run and drive. When you consider these cars are all made out of metal, completely from scratch, it hard to deny the skills it takes to keep these vehicles on model in a shrunk-down scale.

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