Vintage Billboards…

Vintage Billboards…

The Gas & Oil niche of collecting is a rabbit hole for sure, but I’m not much of a memorabilia guy. When I walk around swap meets and see an old Firestone sign I think, “That would look amazing in my shop!” And then… I see the $1500 price tag and I think about all the car parts that would buy me. It’s really for that reason alone that I decided long ago to leave the gas & oil collecting to other folks.

Recently though, a friend of mine found a stash of old billboard papers in a garage. They were mint and never used… and all of them were about 8′ tall by 20′ long. He got them for a song… and I’ve been jealous ever since.

This weekend I started doing a little research hoping to find some art of my own, but was once again shot down by the value of the stuff. Most of these usable billboards start at around $1,000 and get as high as $5,000. But holy hell are they cool. Here are some samples and while you look at them, keep in mind that each is about 20′ long:

I don’t know these guys at all, but you can see more here. Post your own if you got them!


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